Remember when you were a kid, and you had a long hard day, and then you got a warm hug from a loved one and everything felt much better? Of course, the hug didn’t solve all your problems but it made you feel more at peace for some reason.

The relaxing power of being under Weighted Blanket lies in the same chemical reactions that happens when you experience a hug. Let’s look at different ways we can all benefit from the power of Weighted Blankets.

What Is A Weighted Blanket And What Does It Do?

Weighted Blankets are heavier than traditional blankets, often between 8 and 25 lbs. The DTP (deep touch pressure) that you experience when sleeping under a weighted blanket is therapeutic: it reduces your heart rate, slows your breathing and brings your body and mind into a relaxed state.

Sleep longer, sleep deeper and stay asleep longer while in a calm state. To sum it up, weighted blankets help you relax, so your rest is more restorative and you wake up feeling great.

Why Use A Weighted Blanket?

Similar to a warm hug from a loved one after a hard and long day, many people use them to not only sleep better but to reduce stress. Lots of people believe Weighted Blankets treat insomnia, anxiety, autism, chronic pain, sensory overload, ADHD and RLS. 

Choosing The Weight Of Your Weighted Blanket 

How to start using a Weighted Blanket, first choose the right weight. How heavy should your Weighted Blanket be? The ideal weight is 10% of your total body weight.

Using A Weighted Blanket

Now that you got the proper weight, let’s go through the ways you can use your Weighted Blanket! 

Use it for de-stressing 

Any time you need to de-stress after a long time, take out your Weighted Blanket. Having a bad day? Try relaxing on the sofa with our Olune Weighted Throw for a few minutes. You’ll regain focus and calm within a few moments, recharged to take on the rest of the day.

Use It To Upgrade Your Power Naps

Need a quick 20-minute nap to recharge. Well 20 minutes is not a lot, so you might as well fall asleep and stay asleep faster and better. Use an Olune Weighted Blanket to make your 20 minute naps feel way more effective. Wake up feeling fully rested and amazing.

Use it for better sleep at night

Sleeping with Weighted Blankets can drastically improve your sleep. The DTP (deep touch pressure) makes it possible to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. If you’re a hot sleeper use our Olune Cooling Weighted Blanket, if you want something warm for the winter try our Olune Classic Weighted Blanket.

Improve Focus With Weighted Blankets

Working from home? Try keeping your Weighted Blanket around your shoulders or lap to increase your focus. Studies prove that deep touch pressure can indeed increase your concentration by relaxing you! 

Calm your nerves

Anyone that understands sensory overload knows how hard and uncomfortable this condition can be. If you’re struggling with restlessness, an overload of sense such as noises or sounds, the relaxing effect of DTP with a weighted blanket can help you regain your calm.

How Long Does It Take To Get Used To Your Weighted Blanket

Some people enjoy the feeling of a Weighted Blanket the first time they try it, and others have to get used to the feeling. How long it takes to get used to using a weighted blanket varies from each individual.

Wondering how to get accustomed to a Weighted Blanket? We suggest slowly adapting it by covering your legs a few minutes a day or taking short naps using your Weighted Blanket. Once you get used to that, try it for your nightly routine.