Looking for way to get quality sleep and increase your mental health? Maybe you’ve seen a few options promoting “#1 affordable weighted blanket” or something similar.

While there are many affordable and decent options out there, the price is not the only thing to think of when buying a Weighted Blanket. Here are some reasons why investing in a Olune Weighted Blanket is taking away your stress and not causing more of it.

Are Cheap Weighted Blankets Effective For Stress? 

So you’re under a cheap 20 lb Weighted Blanket, which promoted to give you the best sleep at the cheapest price, but it’s not working like you thought it would? When it comes to sleep and looking out for your metal health, getting the best bang for your dollar often means investing a bit more.

Cheap weighted blankets are usually filled with cheap materials to make them heavy, here are the drawbacks: 

1. Weight 

The main idea of Weighted Blankets and their practical uses relies on DTP (deep touch pressure), which triggers the release of hormones that promote sleep and relaxation.

When a Weighted Blanket is filled with pellets, cheap fillers with cheap and poorly designed distribution systems which can create uneven weight distribution which makes it harder to get the benefits of DTP.

2. Temperature control 

A popular complaint with affordable Weighted Blankets is how hot they get. Non-breathable cheap fabrics that don’t breathe as well as our cooling tech makes for a very uncomfortable, sweaty and hot sleep. If you are a hot sleeper, checkout our Olune Cooling Weighted Blanket.

3. Easy Maintenance 

Maintenance cost will add up on cheap weighted blankets. Since many of them do not ward off moisture and are anti-bacterial our our Blankets, this means you have to wash them 3x more often than an Olune Weighted Blanket. Wash less, better for the environment, with an Olune Weighted Blanket. Stays cleaner longer, smells fresh longer!