For kids with autism, Weighted Blankets are a non-medical, natural and easy relaxation tool to help increase sleep quality. Weighted Blankets - also called stress blankets, sensory blankets or autism blankets - are used widely by therapist and parents to help kids on the autism spectrum. 

What is Autism?

Autism is a complex issue. Here are some points to help digest this complex disorder:

  • Autistic people have a hard time expressing and communicating. Also grasping the intentions and thoughts of other people is a challenge.
  • Autism shows up differently in people. Some are talented in the way they learn and think, while some face huge challenges in day to day life. 
  • Autism disorder represents other disorders such as Asperger’s and Pervasive Development Disorder - represented by  little social and communicative interactions
  • Beyond these multiple challenges, those with autism also have physical issues that include gastro, epilepsy and sleep issues.

    The Link Between Weighted Blankets And Autism 

    Weighted Blankets and Autism are linked together in history. Autism expert Dr. Temple Grandin, played an important role in discovering the benefits of DTP (deep touch pressure), and DTP. 

    Building on his research, weighted objects became a popular tool used in therapy to soothe and treat autism-related stress. 

    1. What challenges are the most common during therapy for those with autism?

    Stress is the most problematic issue for children with autism. Before we can focus on other problems, the most important goal to accomplish is getting a better control over stress and anxiety. 

    2. Are weighted objects beneficial for autism therapy?

    Yes, using weighted everything, from blankets, clothes, toys and balls are often used in therapy to treat autistic stress. 

    3. What are ways blankets, clothes and toys are used to treat autism?

    With kids, weighted blankets, toys and clothes give a sense of calm and being able to sit still for longer is made possible using these tools, so attention span is increased, focusing and learning is improved using these tools.

    During care and rehab, weighted objects bring calm those with dementia and brain injury. 

    4. Do weighted blankets help ease symptoms of autism and sensory disorders?

    Yes! Using Weighted Blankets improves sleep and stress control during the day. Sleep, focus, work, and mood improve when using Weighted Blankets both at night and while studying or working during the day. This has been a very useful tool for parents wanting to help their kids on the spectrum. 

    5. What is the main benefit of using Weighted Blankets during an occupational therapy session?

    De-stressing a patient so that focus can take place. If a kid’s anxiety or stress can lessen for even just 2 minutes, that increases trust and confidence. Once we have set up the therapeutic foundation with the weighted blanket, we can commence work on more difficult things.

    How Do Weighted Blankets Help Treat Autism

    Here are 3 ways an Olune Weighted Blanket for kids with autism, can help with sleep issues, stress, and increase attention span.

    Sleep Better

    Kids with autism often have sleep issues. A 2019 study presents preschoolers with autism are more likely to have sleep issues compared to children without ASD. Autism Speaks (the largest autism advocacy group in the US) also suggests Weighted Blankets, as a tool to improve sleep with those with autism.

    Increasing Attention Span

    Studies show that Weighted Blankets for kids can increase attention span. Kids minds get more of a better sleep reset/refresh when sleeping under a Weighted Blanket, as well as using weighted objects during the day, it sets your children up for better focus time. To wrap it up, we will answer popular Weighted Blanket questions.

    How To Place A Weighted Blanket On A Child With Autism 

    When first using a Weighted Blanket on someone with autism, gradually introduce it by first placing it on the legs and then slowly bringing it up the upper-body. Introduce this sleep tool at a time where your child is relaxed already. 

    Recommended Weight

    10% of your body weight is the recommended weight for your Weighted Blanket, going a bit heavier is often recommended. Comfort is #1, keep a look out for any signs of discomfort when your kid is using our 8lb Weighted Blanket for the firs time.