Ever stay up at night in merry-go-round of thoughts, trying desperately to turn off your stress, anxiety and worries of the next day and life in general? You’re not alone, trust us! The CDC reported that 1/3 of adults are not getting enough rest. That’s why you see sleeping pills advertised all over CNN. There are many reasons, cultural, technological, etc, that causes this collective stress, fatigue, anxiety and other mental problems. 

One of the main therapeutic tools for getting better sleep and increasing metal wellness is Weighted Blankets. Thinking about getting one? Let’s look at the pros and cons of Weighted Blankets, to help you make up your mind! 

Weighted Blankets: Pros & Cons

Let’s unpack the pros of sleeping with a Weighted Blanket!

Improve Your Sleep Quality 

Many people have lucky discovered that Weighted Blankets can stop all the tossing and turning during the night as the deep fully body pressure that reminds the brain of a hug releases happy hormones like serotonin which makes it easier to relax and fall asleep. The experience is comparable to being swaddled to sleep when you were a baby. This hugging sensation gives better sleep because the weighted blanket helps you release serotonin, melatonin balances your cortisol levels. This has been backed by many studies! Quite a simple solution that is extremely effective. 

The weighted pressure feeling under a Weighted Blanket increases serotonin levels to help calm your nerves and mind resulting in the best sleep of your life. Serotonin levels are crucial for excellent sleep, and a good way to fight low serotonin is to produce more of it with the use of a Weighted Blanket.

There is a connection between Weighted Blankets and melatonin (another important hormone for sleep). Increase your melatonin levels by using a Weighted Blanket while controlling your cortisol levels (stress hormone). Stay calmer, get real rest and wake up feeling fully rested. 

Weighted Blankets Treat Insomnia 

A sleep disorder defined by having issues falling and staying asleep: insomnia. So many people battle this sleep issue. A Weighted Blanket can help with insomnia, many insomniacs see quite an improvement in their sleep when introducing a Weighted Blanket in their sleep and relaxation time.

Help Ward Of Anxiety With Weighted Blankets

In a recent study, 63% concluded that their anxiety levels were reduced after using a Weighted Blanket regularly. One of the main reasons is the fully-body weighted pressure the blanket provides reduces stress and anxiety resulting in amazing sleep. The pressure initiates the nervous system to slow breathing and heart rate, putting you in a relaxed state, making your mind and body feel calmer.

Improve Your Overall Health With Weighted Blankets

It’s obvious that your sleep health impacts your whole health. Bad sleep contributes to bad sleep, including diseases, metal disorders like depression, insomnia and anxiety.

Introducing a Weighted Blanket as a focal part of your sleep life offers a medical free way to get quality restorative rest, fall asleep, stay asleep longer, wake up feeling great and improve your metal and physical health.

Cons Of Weighted Blankets

Here are the downsides of using a Weighted Blanket. Not much to say here though! 

Weighted Blankets Can Get Hot

Many people are “hot sleepers” and many weighted blankets made out of heavy sweat inducing cotton can be very uncomfortable for people that struggle staying cool in bed. Our Cooling Weighted Blanket offers a solution for hot sleepers that want to sleep with a Weighted Blanket. Get all the advantages of a Weighted Blanket while staying cool as a cucumber. Not only that, since our material has anti-bacterial tech, it wards of moisture and bacteria which means you need to wash your blanket 3x less times. It stays cleaner and smells cleaner 3x longer than your traditional blanket. This means less consumption which is good for the environment!

Weighted Blankets Are Bad For The Planet

Some Weighted Blankets use cheap materials that are not good for the environment. Are Weighted Blanket materials are sustainable sourced such as our Bamboo material that helps you stay cool and fresh at night. There are many cheaper options out there that cut corners on materials and sustainability. We are not only proud of the quality of our Weighted Blankets but we are also proud of our sourcing and sustainability efforts.

Weighted Blankets Are Risky For Small Ones

Since kids are not strong enough to remove a Weighted Blanket, Weighted Blankets are not meant for kids under four. If a child covers their face with a Weighted Blanket and cannot remove it, it can cause breathing problems. It can also cause overheating in children.

While kids under four should not use Weighted Blankets it can be very beneficial for older children. Introduce our Weighted Throw to your kids relaxation and sleep life to see the benefits.  

The Weighted Summary

Now that you know the pros and cons, you can make a knowledgeable Weighed Blanket purchase. Overall the benefits are clear, a natural, drug free way to quickly improve your overall health and life.