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Weighted Blanket Benefits

19 Benefits: Ways An Olune Weighted Blanket Can Improve Your Sleep Life

Say goodnight to stress, make your anxiety pass out, improve your mood and get the best sleep of your life, here is our selection of the best 19 weighted blanket benefits Olune Weighted Blankets bring to the table… I mean to the bed. 

What’s all the hype around the Olune Weighted Blankets? Do they work? Numerous sleep health studies prove that dozing off with a weighted blankets drastically reduces stress and anxiety and this indeed improves sleep! Is that where Weighted Blanket benefits stop? Olune weighted blankets bring many more benefits! 

We compiled 19 ways a weighted blanket can improve your life. Many of these are simple, science-backed heath benefits, while many other benefits may leave you in shock…I mean in calm when it comes to deciding if weighted blankets are right for you! 

Let's see the ways our Olune Weighted Throw can up your sleep game, helping you win more hours of quality sleep.

20 Ways An Olune Weighted Blanket Can Benefit You

1. Improves sleep quality 

Can’t keep still. Tossing and turning, maybe annoying your partner while trying to fall asleep? Got way too much energy at bed time? Your internal clock feels totally off? One of the obvious benefits of Weighted Blankets is that it improves sleep quality.

Sleeping under the right amount of weight triggers deep touch pressure (DTP. The body experiencing DTP of an Olune Weighted Blanket results in a calmer mind and a body that dozes off to sleep land much quicker and allows you to stay asleep longer, giving you the benefit of restorative rest. Recently, the importance of sleep restoration is coming out in many sleep studies. Good sleep is crucial for avoiding disease and for staying young and healthy.

2. Triggers calm

Start feeling way calmer at night with Weighted Blankets. Studies prove that sleeping under a weighted blanket lowers cortisol. Cortisol (stress hormone) is useful for fight or flight situations but at bed time we need less of it in order to fall asleep. 

Some people naturally suffer from too much cortisol and this is no good for your health. There are natural solutions to controlling your cortisol, and one way is to use a Weighted Blanket. This will lower your stress and anxiety and brings a sense of calm.

3. Lowers feeling of anxiety 

A study on the benefits of weighted blankets concluded that 63% of people believed using a Weighted Blanket lowered their anxiety.

  • How does it do that exactly? Research explains that DTP, lowers anxiety in these ways: 
  • Weighted blankets feel similar to a warm hug so the body produces the “happy” hormone, serotonin. The increase in serotonin makes us feel calm and relaxed. 
  • It triggers the part of our nervous systems that regulates breathing and heart rate. By regulating these processes to a more steady rate, anxiety significantly lowers. 

4. Cures insomnia 

A large amount of the population periodically suffers from sleep issues while some battle it chronically. Weighted Blanket benefits go far past improving your sleep life, they can actually help treat and get rid of insomnia for good.

We recommend 10% of your body weight for the weight of your blanket, but studies suggest it’s ok for adults to use a weight a little bit higher. If you have extreme insomnia, we suggest choosing a heavier option. Our 25 lb Weighted Blanket helps many people with serious sleep issues.

Keep in mind that comfort matters the most. If you don’t like the 25 lb, try out our other weights. You might find the 15 lb Weighted Blanket is the perfect weight for you.

5. Weighted blankets helps to relieve pain

A popular question is if a Weighted Blanket can help with pain relief. Many who have tried Weighted Blankets as a solution to help relieve pain found that it does help manage the pain and in turn improves their overall health 

Those with chronic pain often have sleep issues because of the uptick in cortisol. Weighted Blankets help to reduce cortisol so it makes for a great solution when it comes to managing chronic pain.

Helps with metal conditions as well 

Some look to Weighted Blankets to help with health conditions and others don’t even suffer from bad sleep but want to improve their sleep. Many customers are surprised on the high quality of sleep they have been missing.

Weighted Blankets help people with both mental and physical conditions, including anxiety, insomnia, autism, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, ADHD, RLS PTSD, and OCD.

The advantages of Olune Weighted Blankets also help many “hot sleepers” with our cooling technology. They also require less cleaning since they do not absorb germs and moisture so they stay looking and smelling cleaner 3x longer than your traditional blankets.

6. Fights against fibromyalgia 

Olune Weighted Blankets can help  with chronic pain and insomnia - two symptoms often found with people battling fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome that affects over ten millions Americans. Recent studies prove that using medicinal and natural treatments is recommended for patients with fibro. Weighted Blankets brings many benefits to those living with this illness.

7. Get all the benefits of a hug

Studies show that hugs bring real health benefits. We all love hugs but even if you don’t, research says your health could be greatly benefited from a few hugs a day.

The 6 feet apart protocols are greatly needed to help the current health pandemic but are affecting our mental and physical health. Besides helping us with stress and anxiety, Weighted Blankets can provide the same health and metal benefits that warm hugs provide! 

8. Helps autistic people fall asleep 

Dr. Temple Grandin can be thanked for bringing the scientific benefits of Weighted Blankets to the mainstream. She herself, is autistic. Her DTP (deep touch pressure) research brought light to the many benefits that are now well known.

Autistic people often struggle getting quality sleep and staying still. In the 1990s, that’s when Weighted Blankets started to get popular as a tool to help those with autism calm their nerves at night.  

9. Lengthens attention span

Studies show that Weighted Blankets can help people with hyperactivity, helping kids with ADHD to focus better.

Restorative rest vastly improves when sleeping under Weighted Blankets, and when the mind is fully rested it stays focus better with more ease. A Weighted Blanket can help you stay cozy while helping you stay focused while studying or working.

10. Prevents sensory overload

In our modern society, sensory overload is the norm. Imagine 300 years ago, when it was night time, everything became dark, no computer screens, no LED street lights etc. We are often addicted to a few devices in our home which can leave our minds fatigued. The calming feeling of being under a cozy Olune Weighted Blanket can help you get the restorative refresh that is so much needed at the end of the day.

11. Improves your mood

Get more production of that happy juice from your brain (serotonin hormone). The increased levels of serotonin from being under a weighted blanket can add a lot of joy to your life. You can also feel great about keeping the negative side effects of bad sleep away from your life.

12. Helps those with OCD

OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) is often connected to low serotonin levels, and sleeping under weight can quickly help you produce more of that hormone. Think of Weighted Blankets as a nightly supplement to help those with OCD. 

13. Helps with RLS

Many people have RLS (restless leg syndrome). Much is unknown about this illness, but Weighted Blankets have proved to help many with RLS get better sleep.

14. Helps with PTSD sleep issues

It’s normal for those with PTSD to have a hard time turning off their alert systems at bedtime. This mental condition is linked with anxiety and repetitive traumatic nightmares. Many with PTSD have found that Weighted Blankets help to combat the issues linked with PTSD.

15. Helps the elderly fall asleep 

Did you know we sleep less and lighter as we age. Stress and physical factors play a role in the elderly facing more sleep issues than the young. The right Weighted Blanket can be a Godsend to improving the sleep life of seniors, adding a feeling of wellness to their nightly and daily lives.

16. Helps with your pets relaxation time

Are Weighted Blankets good for pets? Yes! Just make sure those smaller pets are well supervised while they sleep under weight.

17. Keeps you cool and dry - great for hot sleepers!

Are Weighted Blankets good for hot sleepers? Yes! Our naturally cooling Weighted Blankets are a great option for those that suffer from hot sleep.

The moisture-wicking material helps to draw moisture out of the blanket letting it evaporate in the air, much like our bodies cool down when too hot. Because the material is also antimicrobial, you don’t need to wash it as much and it stays fresh and clean smelling 3x longer than your traditional blankets. Less washing is also good for the environment!

18. Olune Blankets are good for the planet

All our materials are sustainably sourced and because our Blankets require less washing than your traditional blankets, it’s better for the planet because it reduces your consumption! 

19. Helps with sleep but it’s also beautiful

Our Weighted Blankets have many health benefits but are well loved by many decor enthusiast because they look great. Use our throw for a nap and then then use it as a decorative throw on your sofa or lounge chair.